20 February 2009

Bugasong: Bugas sa Lusong

The video is the interpretation of how Bugasong ( a progressive town in Antique, Philippines) got its name. Bugasong, a contraction of Bugas sa Lusong has been derived from the native Antiquenio's way of producing rice as the main crop. The video shows the following:

* the native Bugasongnons way of life on the prehistoric period
* the Spanish occupation
* the traditional practices of medication ( albularyo)
* ani (the harvest period)
* paghalad (offering)
* fiesta (festival)
* panguma (farming), the use of carabao as the beast of burden
and the process of rice planting
* the belief in asuang- dark creatures (interpreted by dancers dressed in black)
* prusisyon (the parade of Sto. Nino)
* bagyo - storm, which is an annual phenomenon in Antique.

This interpretative dance won the first place in the Karay-a Arts Festival in participation of the
Antiqueno Community Website.

Fonzi Christ Web Developer

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