20 February 2009

Human Philosophy

Why was Snow White given an apple
with poison?

- to show that not all people that are
kind to you are REALLY kind-----
they might have other agenda
against you...
Looks can be deceiving.

Why did Cinderella ran away when
the clock turned 12mn?

- to remind us that everything has
its limitations, even dreams!

Why did Arielle decide to exchange
her fins with feet?

- to show that anyone will try to
lose anything just to be happy.

thanks Shane!

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  1. hi. thanks for following my blog. :)

    got the above post via SMS a couple of weeks back. makes sense.

    iska ka rin pala. and from antique. am from aklan so we're like neighbors.

    mind if i follow your blog? thanks in advance.

  2. yeah..
    i love it,
    thats how i know that those fairytales actually have these
    i thought they were just made to amuse children..