21 May 2009

Hayden Kho Scandals

 Hayden Kho
Hayden Kho* This guy is such a big fan of himself. Why the heck is that?! LOL. With all those videos wide spreading the internet and all of those videos I have watched, i can see that he loves putting a hidden camera in his closet or elsewhere just to record his filthy love sessions with his partners. Damn, what on Earth a doctor wants to do with those videos? To see later that he got PERFORMANCE?! LOL! Is he trying to be an amateur porn star? Maybe he would contact those porn movie makers and include himself as one of the porn models. I dont get why he misbehaves that way? After that suicide attempt has he became a paranoid? Undeniably, he is considered as the Edison Cheng of the Philippines. Scandalous and promiscuous.

Katrina Halili
Katrina Halili* I really, really pity this girl. She's sexy and stunning. But she fell inlove with this Hayden Kho-pal. I know she was informed that their love session was videotaped. Its evidently shown in the video that Hayden and she has the knowledge of it for she was actually dancing with him in front of it. I can tell that she's quite a good partner in bed LOL. Hayden has done a lot to her during their lovemaking LOL. Pathetic Katrina, she was trying to prevent that video to come out and denying it but it was too late.

Maricar Reyes
Maricar Reyes* A commercial model and a medical practitioner herself. I first saw her in the Pond's commercial and was able to see her more when she did the role of Candy in the recently concluded I Love Betty La Fea. Im so sad to hear that this beautiful model and doctor has fallen into the trap of a filthy predator by the name of Hayden Kho. Their sex tape is now on demand and the rumors spread like wildfire in the forest.

Mariana Del Rio
Mariana Del Rio* I dont feel sorry for her. She's an alien and i dont care if she has been a love toy for whoever. But this Samba girl, a Brazilian model, also has a share of the wacko doctor's meat. i wanna puke! 
Not so long ago, she was rumored to be Cezar Montano's other girl. Well i didnt know the details.I just saw her on the Lactacyd TV commercial and i thought she's no biggie. But damn, i saw the video and OMG! She has PERFORMANCE! I was entertained really LOL. Although i can only see half of their bodies but she can bend like a bitch (a female dog)! 

If i were to choose among the three videos, i'll go for the Hayden Kho-Maricar Reyes video. These two are doctors from the Royal and Pontifical University! Its more scandalous for these professionals to have this video spreading the internet. With Katrina Halili, its not scandalous anymore for what would you expect. She's a sexy star and an FHM model and its not really disturbing. But Maricar Reyes, she's a medical practitioner and Hayden Kho, a dermatologist. Geeeez! Its the best among the video scandals that I watched.
But hey, it doesnt mean that i favor this whacko's misbehaviors. I admit that i had a tiny crush on him when he was still wholesome but after seeing those sex videos, i had damn regrets i admired him. Sen. Bong Revilla called this guy a maniac and petitioning the PRC to remove his license. I just LOLed. Yeah, the PRC should do something about this. His misdemeanors are now quite annoying. I have too much animosity for him. I just pray that he's not starting to make this as a bedrock of his blackmail plan to Dra. Vicky Belo. You know, one day he would ask Vicky to get back to him or else another video of him and Vicky will come out. Hahaha.. Lets sit and wait for the next events.

My analysis upon this  scenario:

If you are a fan and a persistent observer of a scandal, sexual pleasure; a fascinated observer of distressing, sordid or scandalous events, You are having Voyeurism.

And if you have a psychological disorder causing a compulsion to show the genitals in public and/or showing sexual activities in the public, you are an Exhibitionist.

So you, who watch the Exhibitionist's video is a voyeur! hahaha!

To Hayden Kho -> Nice try Doc! Those were really nice nice jobs if not documented. See? All men tend to do the same only they dont set up cameras to show their "stuff". I just wanna say, Goodluck to your career Doc! keep those videos coming LOOOOL! I was just kidding.
To Katrina Halili -> You had a nice eat-all-you-can treat to Hayden Kho-pal. Next time, make a better excuse than denying the existence of an already existent thing. I mean, you said there's no such video and you're not in the video but i caught you there as wild as a sow!
And to the politicians trying to meddle in this issue -> Obviously 2010 is fast coming up. Epal.

I cant post the download links for the sex videos in this blog. Proceed to Wordpress for the links. Enjoy downloading pervs!
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16 May 2009

Happy Birthday Doña Dionisia Pacquiao

i dont wanna make okray on her birthday, but i just wonder if they are related to each other. I mean, Nanay Dionisia and Pokwang.. they look alike LOOOOOOOOL.
Anyway, she's a damn lucky mother. Pacman made her momma proud. She reminds me of my granpa's
sister who has a factory for ice buko.That's it! Dont ask why..
Happy Birthday Doña Dionisia!
Share your blessings haha!
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15 May 2009

International Bloggers Community

Be a proud member of the International Bloggers Community! The rules are soooo easy.
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Copy the image above, the rules and the questionnaire in this post.
3. Post this in one or all of your blogs.
4. Answer the four questions following these Rules.
5. Recruit at least seven (7) friends on your Blog Roll by sharing this with them.
6. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at http://bloggistame.blogspot.com and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List.
7. Have Fun!

Questions & Your Answers:
1. The person who tagged you: Bloggista
2. His/her site's title and url: http://bloggistame.blogspot.com
3. Date when you were tagged: May 15, 2009
4. Persons you tagged:
Enjoy & be counted!

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Retrieve Yahoo Password: contact the CSR

I have this old, old yahoo account - probably registered 6 years ago and i was still using it in some social networking sites. Now the problem is, i forgot my password on this certain networking site and the only way to recover the said password is through sending a password reset requisition to the email address that i am using on the site. Apparently, there's another problem went thru, i tried requesting for a password reset to be sent on my yahoo account and so it says it was sent to my mail. So i went to yahoomail and logged in to my account, and unfortunately, i realized that i already lost the password that i have registered with that yahoo account. So i wondered, Is there anyway to retrieve a forgotten yahoo password? The first thing that came into my mind was, search google with keyword retrieve yahoo password. Man there was like a myriad of links discussing about this password retrieval. I clicked on one link and it has given procedure on how to request password retrieval on yahoo using another yahoo account. Sounds cool. . Yeah, but do you think there's another way of retrieving your yahoo password than contacting the yahoo Customer Support? Apparently, its a kind of scam.  
The following explains this:
So the procedures are written in a page where you can find a lot of advertisements, probably a blog or something. I am sure that the person who is making this trick is also making a lot of money by posting such write up since there's a lot of stupid people still searching methods on how to retrieve their lost yahoo password and yet trusting unto this scam.

Google search keyword: hack yahoo password

This is the phrase i used in the search tab and it directed me to Google page with a bunch of links with the same title as my keyword.
It is possible and it is easy. This way of hacking into Yahoo email accounts was brought to my attention by a friend of mine who is a bit of a computer wizard. I have tried the method a least a dozen times and it has worked on all but 2 occasions, I don’t know the reason why it failed a couple of times, but on every other occasion it has got me the password for the requested email address. This is how it is done:
Nice story and sort of convincing if you aren't analytical.

STEP 1- Log in to your own yahoo account. Note: Your account must be at least 30 days old for this to work.
Well, he just doesn’t want us to make a new ID and try. This 30 day clause will tempt us to try with our really working ID's. Nice trick.

STEP 2- Once you have logged into your own account, compose/write an e-mail
to: RETRIVE_PASS_KEY_CGI_BIN@yahoo.com This is a mailing address to the Yahoo Staff. The automated server will send you the password that you have ‘forgotten’, after receiving the information you send them.
Hello, that cheats! Why should yahoo make a mailbox that'll attend to a customer's password reset?. Yahoo can surely do it with a simple webpage. So apparently it’s the hackers email address. Yahoo wont allow users to create email ids with “yahoo” string any where in the email. You will see several variations of this email like yah00, etc. So its not a legitimate yahoo email account.

STEP 3- In the subject line type exactly: ” PASSWORD RECOVERY”
Apparently, the hacker wants to filter those mails coming from those idiots who believed in his scam.

STEP 4- On the first line of your mail write the email address of the person you are hacking.
Cool. As if he can truly hack the account of your victim LOOOOOOOOOL

STEP 5- On the second line type in the e-mail address you are using.
Haha! This kinda intrigued me really. why do i have to provide my yahoo email address? I want to get the password of my old account, not the one im currently using.

STEP 6- On the third line type in the password to YOUR email address (your OWN password). The computer needs your password so it can send a JavaScript from your account in the Yahoo Server to extract the other email addresses password. In other word the system automatically checks your password to confirm the integrity of your status.
I LOLed, why do you have to disclose your password? Yahoo already has records of your account and doesnt need to ask for your password. this really what makes it suspicious, and if you cant get it still, oh well.. you are really, really stupid!
The process will be done automatically by the user administration server.
What?! Hoo-waw, thats a nice server, man

STEP 7- The final step before sending the mail is, type on the fourth line the following code exactly:
script< ip://
{simply copy and paste above.}
well, its just adding a little HTML stuff to make it sound technical so he can gain the victim's confidence.
so for example if your yahoo id is :
David_100@yahoo.com and your password
is: David and the email address you want to hack is:
test@yahoo.com then
compose the mail as below:
bcc: cc: (Don’t write anything in cc,bcc field)
script< ip://
{simply copy and paste above.}
Haha! He really wants to make you do it accurately so he gave you that example. thanks!
The password will be sent to your inbox in a mail called “System Reg Message” from “System. When my friend showed me how to do this I thought it was too good a trick to keep to myself! Just try and enjoy!

LOOOOOOOOOL! There's no other way retrieving your yahoo account password than contacting the Yahoo Customer Support! Geeez! as if i have never been an Email and Chat Support for not knowing how these things work. If you notice, every time you log on to your yahoomail account, you get to see this I can't access my account  link. if you try click it, it will direct you to a page which has something there that asks you What's the problem you are experiencing? You just have to select the I forgot my yahoo password and it will take you to the page asking for your yahoo ID and a CAPTCHA code. See? CAPTCHA prevents spam/scam, reason that the procedure is rather legitimate. 
What made me bump into this scam? Okay, I lied. Its not my account that has lost its password. Actually, i wanna hack someone else friendster account. there are some tutorials but apparently, now and then Friendster alters its script so hacking procedures aren't really working most of the time. So what i did was try to steal the user's password of the yahoo account that he has used as login email on his friendster. Well, good luck to me. I cant ever make it. Hacking is a bad idea. So folks, stop it! LOL Dont try to hack someone else' friendster account if you are just going to delete his/her account. In my case, i just want to view his private -photos LOOOOL. Because i've requested access for it and he wouldn't lemme view them. Sad.
I just realized, understand the word PRIVATE. If its private, its not meant to be shown or heard okay?
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05 May 2009

Gay Lingo

The Filipino gay community has invaded the complex society that we are belonged these days, probably well-known from using bizarre languages that they have created in which case I so wonder how these people understand each other though they came from different places of different dialects. I wonder how did this gay lingo evolved in their own subculture. But what amazes me is that this language is not exclusive for these gays anymore. Eventually, the people who get to be around them gradually learned the nature and the context of the language.

I have first heard of gay lingo when I was in first year high school. That time, I was on the brim of realization that I’m starting to admire the same sex. I was curious at first. I saw how these local gays go to my school and manage the preparation for each school activities such as beauty competition, cultural presentations and other art related activities. Feeding my curiosity, I managed to keep up with these gays. I have been stalking them since I want to know their stuff. I learned that they're fabulous make-up artists, graceful dancers and singers, and the ones you consider could crack a very funny joke amidst silence. So I somehow learned their ways and perhaps their language. I have been speaking the gay lingo in my own ways and I was really amazed that they could still get what I’m trying to say!
          "Jugi, mating jokaw kng subashibels. Nalu-ords akis"
          "Was dates jugels"
          "Getlak na lng jokaw sa balayba kay pudra  
          "Shaina Magdayao akis, jokaw na lng she"
          "Wikikik na lng mag-anik anik jugi!"
          "More suba na lng ka nutres hahaha!"
          "Wasiwas buking. Ampa na lng tayes!"

If you notice, the language is just about the play of words and a little bit of portmanteau. If you are straight and hadn't been with the company of a gay ever since, you’d never make heads or tails when you hear them talking. Their language is not genuine, of course. It is derived from the Filipino or from its dialects like "LA-MUN" to "LAPOK" or "LAFANG", same with "TULOG" to BUR-LOG". Apparently, it is altered but then the words still sound alike.

I am proud to admit that in reality, I am gay. Every day, I do all the gayest things a guy can do. Gay lingo is just part of my life and my way of self-expression. It is an art. The art of creating a unique channel of communication which only our fellows could understand, that is if others still don't.
I can give you some vocabulary of this language, at least you will have an idea that we are mocking you on your face when you hang out with us LOOOL.
          anik/anis - ano (what)
          itek/itetch/itey - ito (this)
          juding/judai/jugels/jokla/becky - not only referring to gays but also commonly used
          by gays to address someone regardless of gender.
          pagoda cold wave lotion - pagod (tired)
          feel/bet/tipilya - type, gusto (admire/like)
          imbudo/imbyerna/warla - asar (irritated)
          pokita mirasol/pokie - pokpok (prostitute)
          chapter/chaka/chap - panget (ugly)
          x-men - previously straight, turned to gay
          paminta - silahis (bisexual)
          shiboli/cornetto - Tomboy/T-bird
          wrangler/mashunda - matanda (old)
          jamaica/jutay - maliit (small)
          antibiotic - antipatika (bitch)
          Jolina Magdangal/Julie Andrews - nahuli sa akto ( caught in the act)
          Charing/Charot/etchos/Charus - biro lang (joke)
          cornbits/bobita - bobo (idiot)
          Crayola - iyak (cry)
          boda/hada - blowjob
          Reyna Elena - ulan (rain)
          kyawti - mabaho ( stinky)
          jowa/jowawee/jowaers - karelasyon (bf/gf)
          Kuya Germs - madumi (dirty)
          mudra/maderaca - nanay (mother)
          ketay - telepono (celfone)
          that's Entertainment/Dutch/Anda/datung/Ukani - pera (money)

Some phrases that would help:
          Warla ang facelak - Mukhang galit (Mad Face)
          Gora tayes - Alis tayo (Lets go)
          Suba muna akis - Yosi muna ako (I'll just puff a cigarette)
          Witchell na - Wag na (Nevermind)
          Bet mo ba ma-boogie wonderland? - Gusto mo bang mabugbog? (Would you like to
          be beaten up?)

I believe speaking this kind of language is incredibly fun.  And undeniably, gay lingo or gay speak is cool to learn because it is like a fad that people wanted to get involved with. Every day, another word is formed, and it continues to grow and evolve until it creates a dictionary of its own.

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Things I Did Today

  • i washed the dishes in the morning.
  • i made coffee
  • went back to bed.
  • woke up and ate lunch.
  • started Plurking...
  • posted some photos and quotes on Tumblr.
  • posted some updates on Twitter.
  • went to the bathroom. took a shower.
  • started chatting on Yahoo Chat
  • felt boredom so i watched a film, The Devil Wears Prada.
  • started texting my hunnypie, it happened i ran out of load on my Smart phone. 
  • So i went outside and got loaded.
  • Plurking again
  • made coffee
  • took photos everywhere
  • edited my CSS for Tumblr... i just want a sidebar.
  • ate dinner
  • received a call from my hunnypie. been talking over the fone for 30 mins.
  • updated Blogger.
  • a lot more to do later....
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03 May 2009

Once There Was A Night

Something weird happened last night. Yeah, weird. I rarely see him cry. He's a tough guy. He doesn't appreciate the word "TEARS". You cant hurt him 'cause if you do, you'll end up in the hospital just when your nose is squirting of blood.
Okay, 'twas like 2 in the midnight. He just arrived from a fraternity assembly and again, he's drunk. He's always drunk. He's alcoholic. I hate him for that. But i can do nothing. I've been insinuating him to stop drinking liquors for years now.  I'm staring at him, he's so thin. I've been suspecting that he's taking any prohibited drugs lately. But i cant find a way to discover any substantial proof to prove my suspicion. He's secretive. He still has secrets he wasn't able to confide. Its been so long that we had been together and everyday there's something new about him. Something that amazes me.
I'm set to leave Manila 11am Sunday before lunch. This is whole week plan and he agreed to that. He knows the reason. I got a family problem and i am needed to be home. So yes, he lemme get my plane ticket and even encouraged me to apply for a two-week Leave of Absence from work. I did. two-weeks must be too long. But he said, i need rest. I need two-weeks in order to be replenished. that was sweet.

So here's what happened. I'm talking to an online buddy in the Yahoo Chatroom. I get to talk to this guy like every night. So its just sooo normal that night. Now my guy is tellin' me some stuff that are so vague.
Him: Will you shut it off? I need you here.
Me: hunny lay down there okay. matulog ka na.
Him: Let's talk. Kausapin mo ko. Wag mong kausapin ang iba. dimo naman yan
Me: Talk about what? lagi naman tau nag-uusap ah.
Silence. After five minutes, i heard him sobbing.  I looked back.. i know he's crying. I dunno why. I want to ask him. i cant say a word. I cant even move. I want to hug him but i cant walk near him. I was staring at him for twenty minutes. He's still sobbing. i approached him at last.
Me: Hunny what's wrong?
Him: (sobbing)
Me: Anong drama na naman toh? Pede ba wag ka na mag-inarte. Di bagay sau.
Him: (wiping his tears)
Me: You want to say something?
Him: (Looking up at the ceiling).
Me: (Looked up at the ceiling as well. I see two lizards. Love lizards maybe.)
Him: Its odd that we are together 24 hours a day but we rarely get to talk. You are
so close yet  it seems like you're miles away .
Me: kumakanta ka ba?
Him: Im serious.  I know wala akong kwentang kakwentuhan. But sometimes i need
somebody to listen to my twaddle. I feel so alone. sometimes i think, are we still
together? Is it just all about sex? No i dont like the idea. Kelan pa ba tau nagsimula. I
lost count na nga e. We've been thru everything di ba. You're there while im here
and we still feel each other. Bakit ba ayoko makipag-split. Bakit ba ayoko
makipaghiwalay. Kaya ko naman e. Kayang-kaya ko. Kaso nasanay na ata ako sa
ganito. Pag nag-split tau baka ma-shock ako (smiles). Baka sa sobrang shock ko
magka-nervous breakdown ako (he laughed). Sabi ko kaya ko di ba. Mali ata ako.
Nakakainis. Kung ginayuma mo ko sana ibigay mo na saken yong antidote. Kasi
nao-overdose na ako sa gayuma mo e.

I dunno what to say. This is weird. He cant be serious. he never was. But he cried. He must not be making some high drama...
I felt like I cant breathe..
My chest is aching..
felt like something in it is crushed..
I ended up crying as well. Photobucket

I remember what a blogger friend, Cap Limau, has told me: "Sometimes you need to talk so you'll know what makes him hurt. And so he'll know what makes you hurt."
Indeed, we need to talk. We need communication. we are so close yet it seems like we are so far from each other.
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What I Think About Having Superpowers

You stared at a mug on a table two meters away from you, it floated  upward as you control its movement in the air with your mind. You shifted your eyes to the wall and the mug hits there and it shattered into pieces.
I have watched X-Men and Heroes on tv and characters on both shows are absolutely out of this world. They make things move using their minds. They make fire and ice. You wish you are Storm (X-Men) who can control the weather or can stop the flow of time around him like Hiro Nakamura (Heroes). If you wish you had superpowers, what superpower would you want to have?
Atmokinesis is the mental manipulation of the atmosphere and weather. Using this extraordinary ability, you can control nature's elements and manipulate rainfall and cause thunder and lightnings. Storm by the X-men actually possesses this kind of extraordinary ability thats why she is considered as a mutant weather manipulator. This superpower could really influence the fate of so many lives on earth.So if you can manipulate weather, how will people react to this? Two reactions: They wont believe you and They will believe you.
They wont believe that you can hack weather but rather think that you do this crap and is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Or they might believe you, but they will consider you as a witch. A person who can make magic and spells. Thus, your magic has changed the weather. After playing with the weather for a few months, you will feel bored. Other than making a few interesting weather patterns, what can you do with atmokinesis? It can’t make you rich or irresistibly seductive. And you don’t really hit bad guys with the weather, unless you flood a nation, which will kill a lot of innocent flora and fauna in the process.
Chronokinesis is a gift to control time. You can slow down the time and move faster than others. This ability seems powerful when fighting with a bunch of bad guys. But what if there’s no bad guy? Maybe it’s still practical since we can work faster. But those who slow down time also grow old faster than others in normal time frame. Imagine living one year in one second of normal time. You’re getting old pretty fast in a blink.

Mind control is really something cool. You can make pretty girls/rich guys attracted to you or make others behave the way you want. You might even get rich or powerful if you use this ability skilfully. But that’s cheap. Life isn’t fun and challenging anymore if you cheat this way. It’s like being able to defeat Superman in 5 seconds. There’s no suspense and story development anymore.
If you have superpower, your life is of course not normal. You'll be responsible for everything that you do especially when it cause things to be messed up. As Peter Parker or Spiderman puts it: With great power comes great responsiblity.
Superpowers do not make you a powerful human being. It makes you a loser since you might ruin innocent lives and create abnormal occurrences in the natural earth set up. Only those characters on tv that have superpowers are cool. Because they were made heroes and saviors. But still, sometimes they can cause danger even if they have to be heroes.
We are ordinary human beings but we do have superpowers in each of us. Your uniqueness and skills can be your great powers. Your intelligence and talents. It can influence other people and probably wont cause such tremendous harm depending on how you apply it. 
Having extra abilities is just a dream. For me, if you can make normal things abnormal, you're no hero. You are evil. It is just those super cool computer generated effects on movies that make these superheroes look so powerful. It is how they make money, satisfying the moviegoers' fantasy of flashy characters with superpowers. Its cool to watch these kind of movies, but then we should stop believing that having superpowers is cool 'cause its dangerous. 
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02 May 2009

i Tweet in my thoughts

i used to Plurk, just plurk. But when i was in the verge of loving it, there comes Twitter. Another site where you can publish all your high-drama telenovela type of everyday life story. If you'd ask me which is better, i prefer plurk. No more reactions. In plurk, you can tweak everything on your page. On twitter, your privilege is limited. You cant use emoticons, you cant post pictures in thumbnails. If you do, it comes in a link that you have to click inorder to view it. It sucks. But there's also one thing i like about this Twitter site: there's a lot of famous celebrities using it. My fave radio jocks are also using twitter to get responses from their listeners about their radio show. When you start following these people, you actually see their tweets on your homepage. And whats cool, they follow your tweets back! Britney is following me on twitter and lady gaga is following me as well. So nice!
I said, i prefer PLURK over Twitter. But i still update my twitter account cause i discovered that i can also promote my blog there. Each post i made here is surely linked in twitter. So i get these people from other parts of the world as frequent visitors of my blog. Coolness.

Plurk or twitter? I'd choose PLURK. But Twitter is cool. Photobucket 

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Lost Love Letter Has Gone A Long Way To Blogs

I have posted this so long ago in my Multiply Site
I dunno what made me think to repost it here. Maybe its about the humor that it has. I really, really LOLed when i read this letter. I dunno where this really started but i just want to share it here.

The following is a letter found at a certain bar in
Manila and has been preserved in its original, unedited form.
Enjoy reading and you may try direct translation in Tagalog.
Pls read with feelings...

To Marjie,

I am not surprise or wander why Dennis leave you.


What reason you can think about but you're very fat body. I thought before that Dennis only use me to his toy but sooner and later I'm realize that he really can't not beared or stomached to be with you anymore because at first,Dennis say he could not stand you're habit of making pakialam all his walks [lakad] and always calling to their house what he go home or this or that and then he say he get ashame to met iether in school or in his family and then asking you to exercise you're very very ,very fat body but you hate it thoughth your the most preetiest girls he knows about what do you think you are "Beautiful Girl " of Jose Marie Chan even you are beautiful face to your think) you do not have the right to called me whatsoever or else different name one time or the other for the real purposed to insults my personality because I'm never call you names iether in the front of Dennis or in the backs of Dennis, but if you start already to calling me different name, I don't have any other choice but to call you other different name to like you are a PIG, FAT, OBESSED, OVERWIGHT, AND UGLY SHAPE girl.
Shame to you're body that is to a BUDING. You can't not blame Dennis for exchanging you to me because I am the more sexier than you when you look to us in the mirror. I'm repeat again that you are like Ike Lozada when she is a girl.


P.S. You say that I'm the bad breathe but who is
Dennis want to kissed. Me or you? You or me? And the final is me.

She is freakin' funny. I love her grammar hahaa!Photobucket
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