29 August 2009

My Fairytale :P

Since I was a kid, I’ve known I’d live a fairy tale life. A life full of smiles, and laughter, forehead kisses, late night talks, butterflies in my stomach, and falling in love, love which is so deep and intense and real that it’d be my safe harbor, and calm after a storm.

Everyone describes “that moment”, the one in which an individual reaches in, and touches your soul and you know that life couldn’t have landed you in a better place at a better time. You know, without a doubt that things are right.

I don’t typically tend to easily open my doors and let others in. I keep my distance…I hate being hurt. I am scared to get close.

I was never one to like the thought of “always” or “the one”, or “forever” but perfection exists right before me. When you touch me, I have weak knees and butterflies. When you look at me the way you do- I feel that I  could never be happier, more comfortable, or better protected.
All it takes is your arm on the small of my back. Or for you to brush by me, or stand close. You’ve made something complete.

I don’t need things.
I don’t want things.

I want love: I want a big love, with honor, and trust, and devotions.
I want a love that means we can call each other nicknames and still hold one another close.
I want to spend my cold nights snuggling to keep warm.
I want to make you smile, I want to be all you need.
I think you’re finally my fairy tale, all things happen for a  reason.

When I think about my future it includes you, it feels right, and  I cannot wait.
Each day from here on out I believe our story will begin to write itself.
“Ours” is a word not to be used casually. Our lives, our hopes, our fears, our dreams, our relationship…
“Ours” will now mean something.
“Ours” is the joining of our lives in ways we feel comfortable, they’ll be small at first, but they’ll grow…
This person belongs with me…
Why has God placed someone so perfect in my life?
Why do I feel so comfortable discussing the future with this person?
Why does it feel so right, so natural, so real?

I’m scared to death, because it has all happened, but I think that's how you know its for real…
A lot of people settle, they settle because they’ve been with someone for “x” number of years…”the one” shouldn’t grow on you, you know it from the start…
I’m going to go ahead and go out on a limb here and say that I’m not going to let fear stop me or slow me down.

Fear exists in everything…I was scared to fly- but I did it, scared to drive, but I can…scared to love, but I have, and I’m alive…
There isn’t one thing that I don’t feel comfortable sharing with him.
There isn’t one part of my soul I wouldn’t bare this instant if he were to ask.
This is me, take me, or leave me…
But I think eventually I’ll be a much better person because he has touched me.
I think i’ve found my fairy tale.
Fonzi Christ Web Developer

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  1. hmm i never wanted a fairytale life, I just wanted a happy one. It may be full of problems but still happy. so.. did you dream of becoming a mermaid hehe ;)

  2. hahaha!
    yeah. i think i did dream of becoming Dyesebel. My co-workers actually gave me that nick, funneh eh.