28 August 2009

Never Failed to Amuse Me

Having an encounter with someone who is stoned, trying to act like they’re not stoned, and thinks that I’m falling for it.

This dude ,who used to be a neighbor for some weeks since I moved in , comes up to me at the flat's corridor and asks if he can get some cash by fixing the car tent.. I wanted to just laugh at his face. He was trying to act so legit and it was so funny. At least, get some Visine! Your eyes are freaking swollen red!

For anyone who smokes weed and thinks they do a good job of hiding it, you don’t. We all know.

If no one says anything, it’s probably just because they don’t want to bother. Or if you’re young and your parents haven’t said anything and you’ve been stoned in their presence, they either just don’t care or are too in denial to accept the possibility.

I’m not coming down on people who smoke weed. I did occasionally back in high school. I just think it’s hilarious when they think people are oblivious of it.
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