05 May 2009

Gay Lingo

The Filipino gay community has invaded the complex society that we are belonged these days, probably well-known from using bizarre languages that they have created in which case I so wonder how these people understand each other though they came from different places of different dialects. I wonder how did this gay lingo evolved in their own subculture. But what amazes me is that this language is not exclusive for these gays anymore. Eventually, the people who get to be around them gradually learned the nature and the context of the language.

I have first heard of gay lingo when I was in first year high school. That time, I was on the brim of realization that I’m starting to admire the same sex. I was curious at first. I saw how these local gays go to my school and manage the preparation for each school activities such as beauty competition, cultural presentations and other art related activities. Feeding my curiosity, I managed to keep up with these gays. I have been stalking them since I want to know their stuff. I learned that they're fabulous make-up artists, graceful dancers and singers, and the ones you consider could crack a very funny joke amidst silence. So I somehow learned their ways and perhaps their language. I have been speaking the gay lingo in my own ways and I was really amazed that they could still get what I’m trying to say!
          "Jugi, mating jokaw kng subashibels. Nalu-ords akis"
          "Was dates jugels"
          "Getlak na lng jokaw sa balayba kay pudra  
          "Shaina Magdayao akis, jokaw na lng she"
          "Wikikik na lng mag-anik anik jugi!"
          "More suba na lng ka nutres hahaha!"
          "Wasiwas buking. Ampa na lng tayes!"

If you notice, the language is just about the play of words and a little bit of portmanteau. If you are straight and hadn't been with the company of a gay ever since, you’d never make heads or tails when you hear them talking. Their language is not genuine, of course. It is derived from the Filipino or from its dialects like "LA-MUN" to "LAPOK" or "LAFANG", same with "TULOG" to BUR-LOG". Apparently, it is altered but then the words still sound alike.

I am proud to admit that in reality, I am gay. Every day, I do all the gayest things a guy can do. Gay lingo is just part of my life and my way of self-expression. It is an art. The art of creating a unique channel of communication which only our fellows could understand, that is if others still don't.
I can give you some vocabulary of this language, at least you will have an idea that we are mocking you on your face when you hang out with us LOOOL.
          anik/anis - ano (what)
          itek/itetch/itey - ito (this)
          juding/judai/jugels/jokla/becky - not only referring to gays but also commonly used
          by gays to address someone regardless of gender.
          pagoda cold wave lotion - pagod (tired)
          feel/bet/tipilya - type, gusto (admire/like)
          imbudo/imbyerna/warla - asar (irritated)
          pokita mirasol/pokie - pokpok (prostitute)
          chapter/chaka/chap - panget (ugly)
          x-men - previously straight, turned to gay
          paminta - silahis (bisexual)
          shiboli/cornetto - Tomboy/T-bird
          wrangler/mashunda - matanda (old)
          jamaica/jutay - maliit (small)
          antibiotic - antipatika (bitch)
          Jolina Magdangal/Julie Andrews - nahuli sa akto ( caught in the act)
          Charing/Charot/etchos/Charus - biro lang (joke)
          cornbits/bobita - bobo (idiot)
          Crayola - iyak (cry)
          boda/hada - blowjob
          Reyna Elena - ulan (rain)
          kyawti - mabaho ( stinky)
          jowa/jowawee/jowaers - karelasyon (bf/gf)
          Kuya Germs - madumi (dirty)
          mudra/maderaca - nanay (mother)
          ketay - telepono (celfone)
          that's Entertainment/Dutch/Anda/datung/Ukani - pera (money)

Some phrases that would help:
          Warla ang facelak - Mukhang galit (Mad Face)
          Gora tayes - Alis tayo (Lets go)
          Suba muna akis - Yosi muna ako (I'll just puff a cigarette)
          Witchell na - Wag na (Nevermind)
          Bet mo ba ma-boogie wonderland? - Gusto mo bang mabugbog? (Would you like to
          be beaten up?)

I believe speaking this kind of language is incredibly fun.  And undeniably, gay lingo or gay speak is cool to learn because it is like a fad that people wanted to get involved with. Every day, another word is formed, and it continues to grow and evolve until it creates a dictionary of its own.

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  1. i wanna learn diz gay lingo. binigyan na ren akoh nang isang friend koh d2 nang lists na yan para pag-aralan. kakatuwa kc eh. i guess nde pa akoh in. sige. alisar na akesh. haha. tama bah 'un? sige ingatz lagi. Godbless! -di

  2. Gora na aketch!thats the right phrase for that LOOOOOOL

  3. haha. mali palah. salamat sa pagturo. ayos i juz learned a new word. okz. Gora na aketch =)

    GODBLESS! -di

  4. oh wow! we are using the same template but of course i changed mine a bit with a touch of my bf's country. and mmm a fellow pinoy!

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