02 May 2009

i Tweet in my thoughts

i used to Plurk, just plurk. But when i was in the verge of loving it, there comes Twitter. Another site where you can publish all your high-drama telenovela type of everyday life story. If you'd ask me which is better, i prefer plurk. No more reactions. In plurk, you can tweak everything on your page. On twitter, your privilege is limited. You cant use emoticons, you cant post pictures in thumbnails. If you do, it comes in a link that you have to click inorder to view it. It sucks. But there's also one thing i like about this Twitter site: there's a lot of famous celebrities using it. My fave radio jocks are also using twitter to get responses from their listeners about their radio show. When you start following these people, you actually see their tweets on your homepage. And whats cool, they follow your tweets back! Britney is following me on twitter and lady gaga is following me as well. So nice!
I said, i prefer PLURK over Twitter. But i still update my twitter account cause i discovered that i can also promote my blog there. Each post i made here is surely linked in twitter. So i get these people from other parts of the world as frequent visitors of my blog. Coolness.

Plurk or twitter? I'd choose PLURK. But Twitter is cool. Photobucket 

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