03 May 2009

What I Think About Having Superpowers

You stared at a mug on a table two meters away from you, it floated  upward as you control its movement in the air with your mind. You shifted your eyes to the wall and the mug hits there and it shattered into pieces.
I have watched X-Men and Heroes on tv and characters on both shows are absolutely out of this world. They make things move using their minds. They make fire and ice. You wish you are Storm (X-Men) who can control the weather or can stop the flow of time around him like Hiro Nakamura (Heroes). If you wish you had superpowers, what superpower would you want to have?
Atmokinesis is the mental manipulation of the atmosphere and weather. Using this extraordinary ability, you can control nature's elements and manipulate rainfall and cause thunder and lightnings. Storm by the X-men actually possesses this kind of extraordinary ability thats why she is considered as a mutant weather manipulator. This superpower could really influence the fate of so many lives on earth.So if you can manipulate weather, how will people react to this? Two reactions: They wont believe you and They will believe you.
They wont believe that you can hack weather but rather think that you do this crap and is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Or they might believe you, but they will consider you as a witch. A person who can make magic and spells. Thus, your magic has changed the weather. After playing with the weather for a few months, you will feel bored. Other than making a few interesting weather patterns, what can you do with atmokinesis? It can’t make you rich or irresistibly seductive. And you don’t really hit bad guys with the weather, unless you flood a nation, which will kill a lot of innocent flora and fauna in the process.
Chronokinesis is a gift to control time. You can slow down the time and move faster than others. This ability seems powerful when fighting with a bunch of bad guys. But what if there’s no bad guy? Maybe it’s still practical since we can work faster. But those who slow down time also grow old faster than others in normal time frame. Imagine living one year in one second of normal time. You’re getting old pretty fast in a blink.

Mind control is really something cool. You can make pretty girls/rich guys attracted to you or make others behave the way you want. You might even get rich or powerful if you use this ability skilfully. But that’s cheap. Life isn’t fun and challenging anymore if you cheat this way. It’s like being able to defeat Superman in 5 seconds. There’s no suspense and story development anymore.
If you have superpower, your life is of course not normal. You'll be responsible for everything that you do especially when it cause things to be messed up. As Peter Parker or Spiderman puts it: With great power comes great responsiblity.
Superpowers do not make you a powerful human being. It makes you a loser since you might ruin innocent lives and create abnormal occurrences in the natural earth set up. Only those characters on tv that have superpowers are cool. Because they were made heroes and saviors. But still, sometimes they can cause danger even if they have to be heroes.
We are ordinary human beings but we do have superpowers in each of us. Your uniqueness and skills can be your great powers. Your intelligence and talents. It can influence other people and probably wont cause such tremendous harm depending on how you apply it. 
Having extra abilities is just a dream. For me, if you can make normal things abnormal, you're no hero. You are evil. It is just those super cool computer generated effects on movies that make these superheroes look so powerful. It is how they make money, satisfying the moviegoers' fantasy of flashy characters with superpowers. Its cool to watch these kind of movies, but then we should stop believing that having superpowers is cool 'cause its dangerous. 
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