05 May 2009

Things I Did Today

  • i washed the dishes in the morning.
  • i made coffee
  • went back to bed.
  • woke up and ate lunch.
  • started Plurking...
  • posted some photos and quotes on Tumblr.
  • posted some updates on Twitter.
  • went to the bathroom. took a shower.
  • started chatting on Yahoo Chat
  • felt boredom so i watched a film, The Devil Wears Prada.
  • started texting my hunnypie, it happened i ran out of load on my Smart phone. 
  • So i went outside and got loaded.
  • Plurking again
  • made coffee
  • took photos everywhere
  • edited my CSS for Tumblr... i just want a sidebar.
  • ate dinner
  • received a call from my hunnypie. been talking over the fone for 30 mins.
  • updated Blogger.
  • a lot more to do later....
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