21 May 2009

Hayden Kho Scandals

 Hayden Kho
Hayden Kho* This guy is such a big fan of himself. Why the heck is that?! LOL. With all those videos wide spreading the internet and all of those videos I have watched, i can see that he loves putting a hidden camera in his closet or elsewhere just to record his filthy love sessions with his partners. Damn, what on Earth a doctor wants to do with those videos? To see later that he got PERFORMANCE?! LOL! Is he trying to be an amateur porn star? Maybe he would contact those porn movie makers and include himself as one of the porn models. I dont get why he misbehaves that way? After that suicide attempt has he became a paranoid? Undeniably, he is considered as the Edison Cheng of the Philippines. Scandalous and promiscuous.

Katrina Halili
Katrina Halili* I really, really pity this girl. She's sexy and stunning. But she fell inlove with this Hayden Kho-pal. I know she was informed that their love session was videotaped. Its evidently shown in the video that Hayden and she has the knowledge of it for she was actually dancing with him in front of it. I can tell that she's quite a good partner in bed LOL. Hayden has done a lot to her during their lovemaking LOL. Pathetic Katrina, she was trying to prevent that video to come out and denying it but it was too late.

Maricar Reyes
Maricar Reyes* A commercial model and a medical practitioner herself. I first saw her in the Pond's commercial and was able to see her more when she did the role of Candy in the recently concluded I Love Betty La Fea. Im so sad to hear that this beautiful model and doctor has fallen into the trap of a filthy predator by the name of Hayden Kho. Their sex tape is now on demand and the rumors spread like wildfire in the forest.

Mariana Del Rio
Mariana Del Rio* I dont feel sorry for her. She's an alien and i dont care if she has been a love toy for whoever. But this Samba girl, a Brazilian model, also has a share of the wacko doctor's meat. i wanna puke! 
Not so long ago, she was rumored to be Cezar Montano's other girl. Well i didnt know the details.I just saw her on the Lactacyd TV commercial and i thought she's no biggie. But damn, i saw the video and OMG! She has PERFORMANCE! I was entertained really LOL. Although i can only see half of their bodies but she can bend like a bitch (a female dog)! 

If i were to choose among the three videos, i'll go for the Hayden Kho-Maricar Reyes video. These two are doctors from the Royal and Pontifical University! Its more scandalous for these professionals to have this video spreading the internet. With Katrina Halili, its not scandalous anymore for what would you expect. She's a sexy star and an FHM model and its not really disturbing. But Maricar Reyes, she's a medical practitioner and Hayden Kho, a dermatologist. Geeeez! Its the best among the video scandals that I watched.
But hey, it doesnt mean that i favor this whacko's misbehaviors. I admit that i had a tiny crush on him when he was still wholesome but after seeing those sex videos, i had damn regrets i admired him. Sen. Bong Revilla called this guy a maniac and petitioning the PRC to remove his license. I just LOLed. Yeah, the PRC should do something about this. His misdemeanors are now quite annoying. I have too much animosity for him. I just pray that he's not starting to make this as a bedrock of his blackmail plan to Dra. Vicky Belo. You know, one day he would ask Vicky to get back to him or else another video of him and Vicky will come out. Hahaha.. Lets sit and wait for the next events.

My analysis upon this  scenario:

If you are a fan and a persistent observer of a scandal, sexual pleasure; a fascinated observer of distressing, sordid or scandalous events, You are having Voyeurism.

And if you have a psychological disorder causing a compulsion to show the genitals in public and/or showing sexual activities in the public, you are an Exhibitionist.

So you, who watch the Exhibitionist's video is a voyeur! hahaha!

To Hayden Kho -> Nice try Doc! Those were really nice nice jobs if not documented. See? All men tend to do the same only they dont set up cameras to show their "stuff". I just wanna say, Goodluck to your career Doc! keep those videos coming LOOOOL! I was just kidding.
To Katrina Halili -> You had a nice eat-all-you-can treat to Hayden Kho-pal. Next time, make a better excuse than denying the existence of an already existent thing. I mean, you said there's no such video and you're not in the video but i caught you there as wild as a sow!
And to the politicians trying to meddle in this issue -> Obviously 2010 is fast coming up. Epal.

I cant post the download links for the sex videos in this blog. Proceed to Wordpress for the links. Enjoy downloading pervs!
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