23 June 2009

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder... And the Sex a Hell of a Lot Wilder!

Look, i know damn right that you know what i'm talking about. Well, long-distance relationship. Do you feel those lonely nights when you are tossing and turning in bed thinking that "how i wish i could feel his warm embrace?" Waaaah! And when you go out, go to the mall and see couples hold hands, you suddenly miss him cuz he never takes his hands off you when you're walking around? Darn! The moments when you talk on the chatroom and you see him on his webcam and you're wishing you could just grab him and take him to your side. Huhuhu. 

Indeed, absence makes the heart grow fonder, in other way it makes my heart aches sooo much like never before. Being away from the person that you love is sooo odd. You know, you have been together like every minute of everyday and suddenly he's sooo away. That is sooo wrong. Demmet! And all you gotta do is try to keep yourself busy just to divert your thoughts of him, and so that you can forget the ache that you feel in your heart. emo 

I did a lot of things to eventually help me forget that im longing for him. I go to the bars and talk to other men out there. I tried to drink beer with the gays and try to laugh out e'rything. I get drunk and throw up after. Then there goes again, his face haunts me. It feels like im in a huge empty space and no one is around to grasp and i feel like im floating and will be falling out of nowhere. It is so vague but its the emptiness that engulfs me. 

Ang uber akting kooo. As if im not goin to see him for a lifetime ahaha! It just felt so odd cuz we've been together, you know, everyday then suddenly he disappears. That's what's up. I cant eat my meals, cant go to bed on time and i cry and  cry each night. 

Yes, absence makes the heart grow fonder and makes the most incredible mind-blowing sex. Arrrrrrr!

After writing this, im already thinking of kinky things. guess you already know what im gonna do to him when we see each other again LOL

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  1. this is soo true.. ive experienced this like gazillion times! Anyway, maganda rin na minsan wala ung tao kasi dun natin malalaman kung importante ba tlga xa at xempre para hindi naman tayo magsawa sa pez nila