12 February 2009

Rihanna and Chris brown canceled their performance in Grammy 2009?

I am a workaholic i must say. I don't have much time to watch tv. I only have small amount of time browsing the headlines in the newspaper.
I was working yesterday, as usual. Now, what surprised me is, one of my clients suddenly opened the topic about Rihanna. I am actually at the brim of making him purchase my "product", and out of nowhere he asked me: You heard the news about Rihanna?
I was surprised of course, cuz its rarely happens that my clients talk about Hollywood and the music scene when i do sales with them. Well then, I asked back, "Why what happened to her?"
I didnt wait for him to answer my curious question. I opened a new tab on my Mozilla browser and Googled about the latest Rihanna controversy. A lot of links supply the headlines that tell one thing: Rihanna Cancels Grammy Performance, Chris Brown Investigated for Battery.
Damn, whatever the reason they may have, its not good to neglect such a prestigious event in an 11th hour. I know their career must be affected by this controversy.
*im puffing*

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