15 February 2009

Poser on Friendster

No big deal. I'm just wondering who is the guy in the picture below.
Uhm, well i got this picture here.
Eventually, after requesting access to the user's private photos,
I discovered that the user who posts this picture on his
primary image isn't really the guy who's in the picture below.
Dang, think im messing you up.

What i'm tryin' to say is.. the user is a poser!
Why? 'cause i saw his own pictures of himself
in his private album.
And most of the photos in the said album
are actually gay pornographic pictures.

Oh well...
No Big Deal.
i dont care about the poser, all i care about is
the pretty boy in the picture above.

He's cute, admit it!
Come on...

im sleepy.
wanna go to bed now

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