14 February 2009

Pahinis de Laua-an: a bountiful gaiety

LAUA-AN-is a municipality located in the central part of Antique. Before the Spanish-American war Laua-an was already a pueblo. Barbaza like Laua-an had also an independent seat of government but when the filipino-American war ensued the American army burned the municipal building and Barbaza lost its identity as municipality.Therefore Barbaza was accidentally became an integral part of Laua-an.TAN LUIS SARMIENTO became the first municipal mayor of LAUA-AN:When he sought reelection, he lost to JUSTIANO BARRIENTOS of Barbaza.The majority of winning officials came from Barbaza.It was agreed among the winning and losing participants in the election that the seat of government would be transferred back to Lauaan should a candidate from Laua-an win the election.Consequently during that period the famous Gobaldon law was approved by the U:S congress and the US aid in the form of building materials intended for the municipality of Laua-an were instead constructed in Barbaza.This tyranny of numbers was disliked by the residents of Guisijan and Laua-an.They filed the petition before the Governor General Wood to separate Barbaza to Lauaan to avoid further political turmoil.Upon the proper representation of TAN LUIS SARMIENTO before the Governor General,Barbaza was separated immediately from Laua-an when he returned from MANILA.During the same year,TAN LUIS SARMIENTO was elected again as municipal mayor of Laua-an and assumed office in 1912 for the second time. LAUA-AN-is politically subdivided into 40 baranggays and with the population of more than 23,0000.

Pahinis de Laua-an came to Iloilo from Antique to revel in the Dinagyang 2007 Kasadyahan Competition. The tribe aims to promote the native product of the town, which is muscovado sugar and the deliciously sweet delicacies derived from it.

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