14 February 2009

Embroidery: A Cool Job

An Embroidery Machine Operator tends semi-automatic sewing machine with multiple-sewing heads controlled by pattern chain that embroiders designs on garments or garment parts: Positions garment or part over embroidery hoops arranged in hoop frame, following edges or markings on fabric. He places the hoop frame on machine bed and turns thumbscrews to secure frame to machine. Presses button to start the machine that sews design onto garment or part and stops, or sews one color of multiple-color design and stops. When sewing multiple-color designs, rethreads machine with subsequent colors of thread and starts machine to complete design. Removes hoop frame from machine on completion of design and removes garment or part from hoops.

Before i tried the call center workplace, i have been working as an embroidery machine operator for ACCURA Printmasters.

The photos below show the type of machine that i have been operating for almost 6 months, the TAJIMA Computerized Multi-head Embroidery Machine:

the multi-head
Tajima Embroidery Machine

on frame is Jag Thug
with Gold Applique

close-up photo
that's how I do it!

And these are the clothing labels I have made embroidery designs for:

Von Dutch Originals

Tribal Gear
Tribal Denim

Lee Pipes

Lee Jeans

Jag Black

Jag Thug
Jag 08

Fonzi Christ Web Developer

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