10 February 2009

In A Nutshell

* Most of us would say:
find out what makes you happy and pursue it.
But wouldn't that make your life more complicated?

Life will be a little less complicated if you do it
the other way around:

Find out what makes your life miserable
and stop doing it.

* Things in life move with twists and turns
and they happen for valid reasons.
So if you doubt why something happens to you,
stick to this:
We can never learn to be brave and strong
if the only thing in this world is joy.
You always have people around you,
so you dont have to fight alone.

* Acknowledging your feelings
and sharing it unconditionally, is Love.
Fighting for what would really
make you happy, is Courage.
Letting go of what once you had
if it belongs to another, is Respect.
Knowing when to do which, is Wisdom.
But doing what wisdom dictates, is a Challenge.

* Facts about friends:
50% of them know and like you because
of the favors you do or did for them;
30% of them have seen you at your best;
15% of them shared your pain;
But only 5% knows the real story of your entire life.

* Notice how all of a sudden,
love quotes revolve on TWILIGHT?
Do we really need to seek for the impossible?
We cant have vampires as lovers.
We cant be immortal.
We cant be perfect.
But what we can do is to stick with reality
and have our own Twilight story.

* Sometimes we're all caught up in the idea
of pleasing everybody. But in the end, we're the one's
who are unhappy. Its not wrong to follow your heart.
Its not wrong to defy all odds. Live your life the way
you wanted it to be. Share it with someone you wanna
spend the rest of your life with. Cause afterall, more than
anything else, the general rule is pleasing the Almighty, and
not fearing the second rate opinion of others. Be real. Be you. Be free.

* Sometimes i wonder what it looks like through
someone else's eyes. To see the grass change colors
while the seasons change. To watch as the Sun slowly
drifts across the blue sky till it vanishes the crest of
the earth, or maybe even like in another world. A world
which life is isn't too fortunate. A world where the eyes
that i look through see pain more than love, greed more
than giving, or even war over peace. Sometimes this
thoughts cross my mind. And when they do, I realize
the truth.
The truth where i stand!

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