20 February 2009


i am taking my time to think what will i really do today
aside from selling to my American clients.
It took me forever to think of the right thing to do..
i tried doin' a lot of things:
* i opened my plurk account and started plurking.
* i checked on the ref and found my fave Coke zero
* i discovered that my computer is a little stubborn today.
it keeps on restarting itself, closing its browser's tabs by itself.
it makes me so pissed.
* i went to the kitchen and found out that we have porkchop for lunch.
* i managed to watch tv for less than an hour.. not that Tarzariray on GMA is entertaining.
i just love to see the face of that Bombay hearthrob in that tv series.
* i went on my housemates' desktop computer and started browsing the web..
(my pc was bugged)
* i opened my blogger account, found a bunch of messages on my chatboard.
* started blog-hopping, and posting comments on random bloggers' posts.
* found my self creating this new post.
* finally i am posting this....

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