02 April 2009

What Annoys Me on Friendster Bulletins

Before i tried posting this entry, i was actually spending like 40 minutes reading posts on my friendster bulletin board. This is kinda odd cause i don't usually give a rat's ass on what's being posted here.

Well, ima say this is kinda like a graffiti board. No rules to follow, post whatever the heck you wanna post--offensive, obscene, obsolete whatever!

I just think that friendster users who would post those kinds of entries are so bluntly stupid.


Firstly, they post at least five entries having the same subject and content. Man, that's spamming! You are flooding my bulletin board with such non-sense posts!

Secondly, i hate those mentally perverted ones who try to circulate chain messages and surveys and what the hell are those stuff. Darlin' anyone could actually just make it up and set it up like it really bring a curse. Did i ever lose my mom cause i didnt repost the Mother Mary Birthday Miracle Chain Letter? (no offense meant). My mom is there..sooo alive. Come on.

And lastly, i am really pissed off when i read this bulletin: 10 thousand PROFILE VIEWS FOR THIS MONTH! Man, who cares?! LOLness.

And also this one, ATTENTION! And after u opened the post all you gotta read is HEHEHEHE or HELLO. Doh!
The photo below just shows that friendster bulletins really suck! Oh boy.. You got somethin' to say? This guy is actually cute but My-Gawd, he is so annoying hahaa! My apology, pretty boy...

Gimme my sword, i wanna stab those idiots!

(Sigh) Animosity is just takin' all over me today.

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