03 April 2009


So it was February when I decided to try out PLURK. Actually, i already made two plurk accounts and the first one was accidentally deleted. It really pissed me off 'cause I already gained KARMA on it and Oh snap! i deleted it accidentally.
So what am I talking about?
PLURK is a very fashionable site where you can show off the things that happen to your life. Everything you have in mind you can share--photos, links or videos-- in an SMS type messages they call "plurk."
I must say that its just so like Twitter but as for me I think its better. I tried this thing 'cause i want to publicize my blog. That is all my intention but what happened is, i became obsessed of the thing!
I should say its like yahoo messenger with a different style. You get to chat with friends, the only difference is that all the things you are discussing are viewable to all your friends timeline.
Once you gain friends you'll start seeing their messages or shoutouts on your timeline and its cool to read some messages about things happened to them while walking by the street or while munching their fave chocolates whatsoever. Those messages continue to appear to your timeline as long as it gets responses from plurkers.
The timeline actually looks like this:

At first, the timeline looks so messy. You get those messages and when you log back suddenly disappears. Plurks appear on the timeline depending on the time it was plurked.
You can plurk anything you want to say. And what's cool, it also has emoticons to associate your current mood.
It also has karma point. It is increased when you update your timeline regularly and when you invite friends to join in. However, it is decreased when you are inactive for a day and friends stop following you because you are spamming or invading plurks perverting the topic.
Sometimes I think its kinda odd cause i call people friends eventhough i dont know them personally. And though i dont know them, i would dare to reply to their plurks. Weird.
But what i like about it is that, it entertains you especially when you plurk in something and it gains a lot of responses.

What i hate about this thing is, once you get a lot of friends your timeline begins to be bombarded with plurks and more updates should be done. Sometimes its a waste of time LOL
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  1. Is it fun? Maybe I should try to get one as well...

  2. yup its fun..
    really fun
    just click on my Plurk link on mthe sidebar of my page