26 April 2009

I Love Facebook :)

I have been a Facebook member since last year. At first, i find this networking site obsolete. I dunno how to navigate my pages and i dont have any idea how to maximize its applications. Well later on, i found out that it is a very interesting site. Why? I discovered that there were a lot of people in other parts of the world bearing my last name as well. As i put my last name as keyword on the search tab, i began to see as many search results as i can ever imagine. I started adding these people who share the same last name with me and few days after I get a number of messages on my inbox from those people asking me questions like: "Where are you from really?" "How did you find me?" Are we relatives?" "Do you know somebody named blah blah in your place?".
There's another thing i enjoy using this site. You can use as many applications as you want to utilize on your profile. I love the games like Pet Society, Superpoke Pets, Farm Town, etc. I also enjoy posting photos, videos and links to my wall. And what's more? You can now chat with your friend who's also online on Facebook. Another thing, you can hide your profile and information from searches made by other users and you can block unwanted people from searching you and viewing your profile on Facebook
In any event as days passed by, i never found a way within the site to search discussions thru keywords. Facebook is a very interactive site and people talk about a variety of topics which are relevant for journalists. Recently, i found out that Google can actually help us about this. I tried using this keyword on Google keyword search

site:facebook.com/topic Autism

If you try to search Facebook for Autism, you can actually filter your searches from Pages, People, Events, Applications and Groups. But for me it is an awkward way of searching what people were discussing.
If you search Facebook for Autism your search results will end up into groups like Autism Awareness, World Autism Awareness Day, Autism Spectrum Condition United Group 3 (NOW CLOSING DOWN) etc. It is the hardest site to find an information and opinions by people about the Behavior.

Oh well, i would still use this web application. Im starting to have an obsession for this. It keeps me logged in almost 24 hours! Two thumbs up for this.

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