14 April 2009

Blogger Friendship Award

Well i have just checked on my blog tonight 'cause i was super duper busy for the holy week. And checking on my chatbox i have read that Ma'am Jigz has given me this Blogger friendship Award. Ho-waw! i have an award hahaa..

So there has to be rules to this award, huh..

1. Post the banner or logo on your blog.
2. Add a link of the person who has given you this award to your post.
3. List at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs you have listed.
5. Then inform them by leaving a message on their shoutboxes

So now, i am including these bloggers on my list:


Mr. Lolipop
Khy Li
Fonzi Christ Web Developer

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  1. salamat naman sa award na yan fonzii, mukhang maiiyak yata ako. kahit kasi isang buwan na rin na walang update ang blog ko e meron pa ring nagpapahalaga dito. teka pagpapahalaga ba to? hehe

    sa ngayon kelangan ko muna mag isip ng update sa blog, salamat