24 March 2009

Culasi: Crown Jewel of Panay

I remember 'twas first week of March when our HRM class planned a field trip to Boracay. The whole plan is spectacular. We will stay at the Regency Hotel one night and two-days, a night swimming at the Regency Resort and an eat-all-you-can at the restaurants.

Well, everything has been planned well and i decided to go with them. So i was excited!
Prior to that, one of my classmates who lived by Bita, Culasi Antique has told me that there will be a fiesta happening in Poblacion Culasi Antique, i remember its called Kaniyugan Festival. I was kinda interested more about this news.
Apparently, i wasn't able to go to Boracay.
What we did was go to her place and spent the whole night in Culasi
dancing, and dusting off the plaza with the Coolgrey band from Iloilo.

That was cool.
You would've wondered what kind of fool i am to choose Culasi over Boracay...
Oh well, i gotta let you know... Photobucket

The highest mountain peak in Antique

waterfalls in Flores

white beach in Batbatan Isle

Mararison Isle

Russian divers in Mararison Cave

Scuba Diving in Maningning

Culasi Channel

Lipata Point

Mosquera Rd, Esperanza, Lipata

See? The pictures say it all. Now you know, i would always love to go to Culasi. May it be dancing in the plaza, trekking to Mt. Madia-as, or exploring the two marvelous isles: Mararison and Batbatan Isles.

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  1. nice! sa Mararison pa lg ako nkapunta. gusto ko pang isa isahin ang mga island sa Culasi. hehe