02 March 2009

The Bag Tag: I Belong!

Oh well, i was tagged by Kcat..
She said its supposedly for the chicks, i dunno why she included me on her tag haha!
She told me, "You're not a girl but for me you're a chick." So here's the bag tag!

Wait, there are rules to this. You have to show the bag you have been using recently and
all the things you put in it. Well, you dont need to brag and go get your most expensive and luxurious Louis Vuitton bag and show all the fancy stuff you had in it. They said this is just for fun, not a basis to judge you because your having that bag and you have this or that inside your bag. What the hell am i trying to say haha.. Hope im not making it messed up lol. Anyroad, if it happens that you have a story about how you got that bag, you can share it too. Lastly, after posting it to your page, you have to tag some chicks. Goodness, Kcat you owe me a precise explanation why you consider me as a chick lol.

I stole this bag
from my Aunt's closet cuz i was in a hurry
at 3pm yesterday. I was goin' to Alabang
'cause my prankster boyfriend, wanted to see me right away hehe.

my bag is full of these stuff
*my medicine kit (multivitamin, mefenamic acid for my headache)
* CL case
*hairbrush with mirror
*coin purse
*SkinWhite lotion :-)
*ethyl alcohol biogenic
*i rock bench (body spray)
*Lewis & Pearl face powder

*two (2) JAG labeled tees
* Popstar skinny jeans by Avon

*data traveller
*music player
*New Look (CL Kit)
*Gucci wallet: a Xmas gift from ex-COMELEC
Overseas Absentee Voting
Commisioner Florentino Tuason, Jr.)
*mobile charger

*white Tribal Gear hooded jacket
* Von Dutch nylon belt

This is the first time i was tagged since i started blogging last year. I had fun digging my bag. I actually discovered that I was not able to bring extra underwears (Will kept rollin' on our bed, laughing out loud, darn it!)
So now to keep this tag going, i will tag you Kristina , Lizy , and Monique. Keep it going...

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  1. Thanks for doing this tag Fonzi.. As I have said, you may not be a girl, but for me your a chick.. You are a boy physically, you were born as a guy.. But when I first got to read all your post, i just saw a girl.. So while I was doing this tag & it said tag some chicks, I thought I'll include you.. Basta sinali kita eh! Hehe. :D