27 July 2009

Its Not Me, Its You!

I know you'll be goin' to read this.
Yeah, you pretty follow me wherever i go. You should get yourself
a car so you can keep up LOL. Oh, i forgot you have your skeletal bike.
Well, eat my dust. Photobucket

Right now, my mind is gone. I mean its spinning round. Yeah, i dunno what's with the gross reddish brown color on my hair that makes it shine under teh sun. See? Im crazy.
I dunno WTH on earth i am saying now.
I bet you feel the same. how are you? did you try teh pick up line i've made for you?
did it work for her?
You think i wouldn't be hurt when you told me you're dating a bitch?
You have too much ego, way too big for you and i want to perforate it like a balloon full of hot air. You're crazy.

Let me go.
I'm tired.
Im sick.

Don't call me Bibi. Call me Fonzi, like teh way you used to call me after
the night we met inside the bathroom in high school.

Thanks for e'rything.
Photobucket Photobucket
Fonzi Christ Web Developer

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  1. wow meeting place, bathroom in highschool hehe. matagal tagal ka rin hindi nagpost ah.

  2. hehehe...
    yeah. bathroom. odd nga eh

    nag-hibernate kasi ako eh
    pasensha na ha?,