03 January 2009

Messages That I Treasure

*its funny how others offer to carve out
the whole universe just for you..
yet you still choose someone
who doesnt give u even just a star.

*the harder you try to forget something,
the more you think about it unconsciously.

*i wasnt suppose to fall for him
i didnt plan it either
it just came to the point wherein
i cant consider him just as one of my friends.

*you dont always need a kiss
to make you feel special
dont always need to hold
someone's hand to make you feel wanted
dont always need a hug to make you feel desired
and dont always need a partner inorder to be happy
you're already good on your own
having someone is just an added bonus.

*one million memories
one hundred thousand jokes
ten thousand great times
one hundred secrets
just for one reason:

*it is better to wait for years
for someone you are sure of,
than to grab that chance with someone
with someone who picks you up but
drops you whenever
he wants to...
Fonzi Christ Web Developer

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